God has given me a beautiful wife, and two stunning daughters. I have sisters, a mother, grandmothers, cousins and aunts, nieces and sisters-in-law, and countless friends. As a husband, and father, I want in every way to elevate these women in my life to the dignity in which they have been created- I want them to know and live the complete and total Truth of who they are.

The world has conflicting messages, conflicting agendas…storylines that would try to convince my daughters to be less than who they are. They are not pieces of flesh, they are not means to an end, they are not the value of their wombs. They are not too stupid to lead any sector of culture and society. They are not second tier, they are not created to be used or muted or dissected according to what part of them fits any agenda. 

They are beautiful. They are brilliant. They are special and equal. They are fearless, contemplative and conquering. They are royal. And they are whole. The NEW feminism…embraces and elevates them according to the dignity in which they have been lovingly created – and not just by my wife and I – but by our creator. Created IN love, they seek to live and share love. The NEW feminism- is one which recognizes the dignity of each woman as she is created in God’s image – and in turn challenges men AND women and to work tirelessly (whether marching or otherwise) to bring about a revolution of love in our world.  

So to the all who read this, I challenge you to seek and embrace who you are- the wholeness who you have been created to be. You will find this identity, not in the whims and the forces of the world and culture, but in the examples of heroic people who have gone before us. You will find this identity in God.

Pray for us at My Saint My Hero that we can continue to be all that we have been called to be. We ask the intercession of our Lady, Star of the Sea, in keeping us true to her Son. – Thomas Yep/MSMH CBO