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Stellar Blessings Bracelet

Only a few left in stock available for a limited time from February 1-4. Shop now to claim one for your Love.

Stellar Blessings Amore Blessing Bracelet


Ah isn’t love such a wonderful thing? I dare to say that love, by far, is the most Godlike ability and identity we have as human beings. We were created by God, who is love Himself, for love. In choosing to love, which is the gift of oneself to another, we live up to our fullest potential as people and children of God.

Stellar Blessings Amore Blessing Bracelet

There are countless ways to profess and express our love to those dear to us. Gifting is one excellent way. The definition of a gift is: a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present. A gift expresses how we feel about the other person and we want it not only to be pleasing and precious to the recipient, we also desire it to carry significance- to let it be a unique expression of our love.

Amore Stellar Blessings

The Amore Stellar Blessings Bracelet is crafted with rows of genuine ruby Swarovski beads, five 1cm gold tone Benedictine medals, and a gold tone My Saint My Hero logo tag. This sparkling limited edition bracelet is a gorgeous way to remind your beloved one not only of your love, but also of God’s eternal love, and their own calling to love. This bracelet is perfect for St. Valentine’s Day. This year, why not give the Gift of a Blessing? ™

Stellar Blessings Amore Blessing Bracelet

Medals made in Italy. This bracelet comes on woven cording with a sliding slipknot for an easy fit. 9″ when fully opened. Stellar Blessings Amore comes in a box with an inspirational card. SHOP NOW.


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