It’s two days after Christmas and I head off in the dark to morning mass. What a gift to pull up to this little church where I am vacationing, Maria Lanakila, and to be welcomed by Our Lady in such a beautiful way.
What a gift to be farChristine Day After Christmas away from home and my community of My Saint My Hero and still have a family to share my faith with. I realize the best gift I could have received on any Christmas or birthday was the gift of my faith. I can’t wait to share more about my faith and the faith that has brought us all together here in this mission… a mission in prayer to remind people that they have a purpose and, more than anything, that they are so loved!
Father, my prayer this morning is that you share Your love in a very personal way with just one person that needs to know you exist… one person that needs the hope that only You can provide. I ask this already knowing that You have answered….
May your family enjoy the Christmas Season, Happy Feast of the Holy Family

“We are God’s children now”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, your loving daughter, Christine

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