Hi y’all! I spent last weekend in Dallas, TX with Life Teen and 3,500 teens and their youth ministers for Steubenville Lone Star. This is the first year ever the conference has been held in Texas and it has been full of so many graces. I had the chance to encounter so many teens that are on fire for Christ.

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I love using the Life Teen resources to go deeper. This week in their book, Ascend, they take what happens in the Gospel and make it relatable for teens. They specifically use the phrase “DTR”. Well, before we start to talk about why Jesus is talking about “DTR”, rest assured you’re not the only one who is sitting here wondering what “DTR” is…

DTR= Define the Relationship

Once upon a time, a group of friends and myself were at Disneyland when two of them looked at each other after watching some serious flirting and one said, “I think they need to have a DTR”. The other (who happens to be my best friend) laughed and said, “A what?” Jen and I didn’t think we were that out of the loop or uncool to not know the slang of 2016, but we missed this one – which has now made us question our knowledge of modern slang.

In this week’s Gospel, Jesus has a DTR with His disciples. He asks them, “Who do you say that I am?” Peter is the only one who is able to answer with confidence. He responds with, “The Christ of God,” which he is only able to know because of the things that have happened in his life since he began following Christ.

At all of these Steubenville conferences, it is the goal of the team to lead these teens closer to Christ and to arm them with tools to be prepared to have a DTR with Christ. These teens were prepared by having the opportunity to attend various talks reminding them that God the Father is always thirsty for their love. Are you prepared to have a DTR with Christ? What would your answer to Him be when He asks you, “Who do you say that I am?”



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