Oh boy! I can’t believe it, it’s ASH WEDNESDAY. Where has the time gone? To be honest, I can’t believe that it is already March. As I mentioned in my last post, this year I will be traveling quite a bit more for My Saint My Hero, bringing our Wearable Blessings to several events all over the country. I am home for two weeks (I actually put my suitcase away this time) and I couldn’t be happier that we are starting off the beginning of Lent.

I have been reflecting quite a bit about where I have been and where I am going. I have celebrated two years with My Saint My Hero and with that has come A LOT of growth, change, and its fair amount of challenges. But in all of it, God has continued to show me that He’s got me right where He wants me for now. As I prepared to start writing about my Lenten journey with all of you, it made me look back on this past year.

Last year during Lent I had just met someone who has since certainly swept me off my feet and changed my definition of love. Last Lent, I pledged to get to mass every day (except Saturday- that’s sleep in day) and to fast from red meat, every day. This person that continues to change my definition of love and challenge me in ways I never saw possible, happens to be one of the reasons why I’m doing what I am doing this Lent. He’s a theology teacher, and yesterday morning he texted me saying he needed me to help him with his Lenten plans for his students. I borrowed last week’s homework from a middle schooler I know and he made it apply to high schoolers. I then said “hmm, I think we should do this” and so here it is.

For the next 45 days I want to make a sacrifice, give someone something, and do something that is not only going to better myself, but also better those around me. I am also challenging myself to no less than15 minutes of personal prayer and weekly adoration.

I challenge you to print this calendar, and use it to write out what you are going to do. I am going to tape mine up in my bathroom as a reminder of what I have set out to do every day. I have also purchased a copy of the Life Teen and Blessed is She Lenten guides as tools to keep me diving deeper. I highly suggest you get these as well!Lent #giveingiveup #itsallforhim

Have a lovely Lent, share your pictures of your ashes and your Lenten challenge with us – just tag #giveupgivein #itsallforhim.


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