Meryem Ana (Mary's House), Ephesus

Meryem Ana (Mary’s House), Ephesus

In her visions, Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich tells us that word had quickly gone out to the ends of the earth summoning all the remaining apostles that their return to Ephesus was mandatory in order for them to receive one final blessing from the beloved Mother of their Lord. Each one of them arrived without pomp and circumstance…each of them except for Thomas, who was constantly caught up in the activity of building Christ’s Kingdom and struggled with detachment, and did not leave his mission territory in India until he would arrive too late to see her.Mary's Room, Ephesus

So in the back room in the quietness of this small home under a starlit night, the Mother of our Lord lay on her death bed surrounded by Peter and the other apostles. Each one of them knelt individually by her bed one last time and she with her last ounces of strength raised her hand to bless them. Imagine their heartache, juxtaposed with her joy at the imminent union once again with her son.

After her last breath, they carried her body, adorned with flowers, in a solemn procession to a cave which had been hewn in the hill in close proximity to the final station of the cross which she herself had created and walked every single day in memory of her Son. The apostle Thomas, arriving just as they returned- too late to see her – cried uncontrollably and begged to be taken to her body. They took him but as they approached the tomb, they were struck in awe as a bright beam of light emanated forth into the dark sky and the sound of angels singing filled their ears. Her body was not to be found.Meryem Ana (Mary's House), Ephesus

This year, My Saint My Hero has been asked to proclaim to the world ‘Mary, Queen of the Universe’ – today’s feast day is the day which makes this title of our lady even possible – letting the world know of Our Lady’s beautiful testament that God IS real, and that love heals. Aside from Christ, what better human example of God’s love do we have?

Leaving intentions at the Wishing Wall - Meryem Ana, Ephesus

Leaving intentions at the Wishing Wall

THIS testament is why every single action we do matters – in all that we do – how we treat each other – how we respond to each other – how we serve – how we love.

-Thomas/My Saint My Hero COO



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