Happy Tuesday! I hope you are having a wonderful week. I wanted to share about what our Team was doing this past weekend. If you follow our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you probably saw that we were all over Los Angeles, joining the fight for life, not only for the unborn, but all life. Archbishop José Gomez and the Los Angeles Archdiocese hosted the 2nd annual OneLife LA with a short walk,  similar to the Walk for Life in San Francisco and March for Life in Washington D.C.

Archbishop Gomez and One Life for LA Blessing Bracelet - mysaintmyhero.com

Archbishop Jose Gomez addressing the crowd at One Life LA

This weekend started off with a National Day of Prayer for the unborn on Friday, which was great, because snow or shine, hundreds of thousands of people gathered together to stand up for Life. We stayed on the West Coast and avoided the snowstorm… Keep reading to hear about our weekend.

As thousands participated this weekend various walks to defend life, we were in Los Angeles with Archbishop José Gomez and the community of Los Angeles. The speakers spoke about how important their journey has been and their testimony about why they are Pro-Life. The speakers who brought me to tears were Jenna Gassew and Dan Haley, parents of the Bucket List Baby. I am sure several of you saw their story on Facebook,  if you have not heard about the Bucket List Baby, take some time to read about their journey. Listening to two of my peers, and what they did to preserve the life of their son was so inspiring and a great reminder that all things are possible with the help of God.

Requiem Mass January 2016 - mysaintmyhero.com

200 Candles at the Requiem Mass to symbolize the lives lost on Jan. 23, 2016

Saturday night some of our team went to the Requiem Mass for the Unborn at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels with Archbishop Gomez. Here is what Vanessa had to say about her evening: the requiem Mass was a beautiful time for the community to come together and pray for the 200 babies that Saturday who never got a chance to live and for their parents who remain with us. May those moms and dads know the healing love our God offers them and may those little souls rest in the heavenly Kingdom! Prayer works.

A few other team members went to see Matt Maher at the Christ Cathedral, where we had the opportunity to pray, sing our hearts out, and were reminded to be the face of Mercy, to have Mercy, and to do the will of God.

Matt Maher at Christ Cathedral January 2016 - mysaintmyhero.com

Matt Maher with Jackie and Christine, I’m on the left.

Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to go to San Francisco and meet with Students for Life at their national conference, themed “Born to Win.” My Saint My Hero made the official prayer bracelet for this event and sponsored their youth rally.  It was inspiring see hundreds of middle,  high school, and a few college students in a room learning how to face the issues that come with having a Pro-Life club on campus and how Students for Life is helping make it possible for each of them. The conference ended with a presentation from David Daleiden, who exposed planned parenthood for the trafficking of Baby Parts. If you have not seen the videos- be sure to take a look.

After going to three cathedrals in 24 hours, I was exhausted and really not sure how to tell each of you about how inspiring everyone in this fight is to me. Lila Rose, another Pro-Life speaker said, “each of us have a role in this movement, it’s a fight and a marathon not a sprint.” Lets come together in prayer to fight the fight, and protect life from the moment of conception to natural death.

Lila Rose and Teresa at the Students for Life Conference - mysaintmyhero.com

Lila Rose and me at the Students for Life Conference

What did you do last weekend to stand up for life? Comment below.


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