Wake Up and Pray this Lent

Wake Up and Pray this Lent

IT’S A FACT! If you want a new habit to take shape in your life, practice for 40 days straight and it will become a habit! This is a scientific fact and it just happens to be perfect timing – we have an opportunity right now! We have 40 days of Lent, time to wash away anything that no longer serves you and bring in the best aspects of you!

One of the best practices that I want as a habit in my life: take 5 minutes every day in silent meditation and prayer. Just with God, to sit in His arms, rest, breathe… just be.

Pray, surrender and rest! Don’t run faster, try to fix it, or numb out. Sit still, give it up to Him, rest and allow His miraculous love to renew, transform and regenerate us!

This is my Lenten promise… I will WAKE UP AND PRAY,  5 minutes every morning just with you God, and gradually I will add a few minutes with the hope of allowing 30 minutes in quiet prayer a day. Imagine starting each day with God! Imagine Him reminding you that you have everything you need within you. Imagine feeling loved beyond belief and being flooded with hope. The time is now to WAKE UP AND PRAY. Join me as we pray for 40 days… and forever.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Wearable Blessings

Celebrating 10 Years of Wearable Blessings

Amy Dambra My Saint My Hero Founder

An inspiration blows in like the wind, catches you by surprise, takes your breath away, your heart falls in love and races all in the same moment, and then it grabs a hold and doesn’t let go.  It is undeniable yet at the same time a bit scary, and as soon as you say YES, it takes you by storm and everything in the world around you seems to point in the direction of the inspiration. This is what happened to me over 10 years ago with My Saint My Hero, the inspiration came flooding in, my heart was changed forever and still to this day, I dream and daydream of new “Wearable Blessings” to make God’s love visible and to remind us all that each and every one of us is a VITAL part of God’s amazing symphony of life.  We are all called to be saints and we are all called to walk in union with God to allow miracles to happen! This is truth, this is good, this is beautiful and this is YOU!  This is my call and I am incredibly grateful for every single day, every twist and turn along the way. Every time I hear a story of the Blessing Bracelet being a tangible tool for something wonderful in the world, I am in awe and grateful beyond words to be a small part of this wonder. On a personal note, my hubby and 3 kids are my daily dose of God’s unwavering LOVE!  Just the other day I got a text from a girl at my son’s school. She said my son Anthony stood up for her in a time of need and became a reminder that she is strong, she is good, she is beautiful, and she is true. AMEN to all of you who share your love and light so beautifully! YOU ARE THE LOVE WE NEED NOW! If My Saint My Hero allows one of you to share your love in a tangible way… thank you! Happy 10th Year Anniversary My Saint My Hero!  Thank you team, thank you friends, and thank you family! May God Bless us all…. AMEN


Love is Patient, Love is Kind

Love is Patient, Love is Kind

Last year we featured Jordan and her beautiful words as the first in a series of Lenten reflections. We loved this post so much we wanted to share it with you again!


Pete and Jordan Digital Marketers

When I met my husband, I wasn’t praying for love. I wasn’t praying for a boyfriend or a relationship. I was praying to draw closer to the Lord. I was at a crossroads in my life, and my prayer was simply that the Lord have His way in my life and that he turn my heart towards Him. Little did I know that He’d answer my prayer by bringing Pete into my life. Meeting Pete radically changed my life. It was a true turning point in my faith. He’s shown me love and faithfulness like I never could’ve imagined in a man.

Digital Marketers and Husband and Wife Pete and Jordan Amanda Nichols Photography

In every step of the way, through every act of love, he’s pointed me back to Jesus… I’ve been praying for simplicity, to shed the weight of the distractions in this world so that I can make more room for Jesus. I want Him to be the center of everything I do – how I serve my clients, how I treat my friends, how I love my husband.

Love Morse Code Prayer Rope

Most people thought we were crazy to start a business together – and they were probably right. We just happen to love marketing almost as much as we love spending time with each other (which is probably why we run our business out of a tiny home on wheels.. but that’s a story for another day!).

Over the past few years, we’ve served heart-centered entrepreneurs through web design, social media marketing, paid advertising, and coaching programs – but at the heart of what we do is one mission: to encourage, empower, and enable entrepreneurs to build purpose-driven lives + businesses. – Jordan

Read more about Jordan and Pete on their website – Jordan + Pete

PC: Amanda Nichols Photography



What’s new for My Saint My Hero?

What’s new for My Saint My Hero?

Coming Soon to My Saint My Hero Boutiques and the My Saint My Hero Website

My Saint My Hero was founded on the belief that God is real, prayer works, love heals and miracles really do happen. Throughout history we have been left with sacred symbols and tools (often referred to as sacramentals) that help us stay connected to one another, our divine source of love and all that is true, good and beautiful. We incorporate these tools into all our pieces, bringing the sacred to now through wearable fashion.

My Saint My Hero began with an inspiration to bring the stories of the saints to the youth as a reminder that we are all called to be saints. Saints were real people who walked this earth in union with Christ and miracles happened. Together we make God’s love visible and our Wearable Blessings™ remind us of our true calling. 2019 is the year to make kindness a trend—with our Wearable Blessings we encourage everyone to “Wear One. Share One.” Join the trend and empower people around the globe with kindness, while you are empowered by the love and prayer that is infused into each piece. Each time you purchase a piece, you are making a difference. Our Peace Link collection is beaded in Cambodia by a community rescued from human trafficking. Our Blessing collection is handwoven in the sacred site of Medjugorje and empowers villages with meaningful work. All of our medals are hand cast in Italy and all our threads are hand dyed. We are purpose-driven fashion infused with intention. May the light within you shine so bright that it ignites the light in others.

What’s new for My Saint My Hero? We are so excited to bring you new pieces from our Share the Love Bracelet selections by John and Caitlin Stamos, our new Empower assortment by Nia Peeples, and of course, our new gemstone bracelets, woven in the sacred site of Medjugorje. My husband and I traveled to Medjugorje in the spring, and together with the community of weavers, we created the Wake Up and Pray pieces—our first ever gemstone incorporated into a blessing bracelet!

This past summer my family and I went to Italy to visit with the beautiful family that is hand casting all of our medals. Italy is where My Saint My Hero was born and continues to inspire me with love of family, food and beauty. Many of our new additions are inspired by the light and beauty of this world. As we draw close to this intention, you will see wonder and sparkle come through our Wearable Blessings, with the beauty of Swarovski.

Our team here at My Saint My Hero is a family built with passionate, creative and brilliant people. Enjoy the collection and may you receive abundant blessings and graces! Thank you for making kindness a trend. — Amy/Founder My Saint My Hero

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May Love Grow

May Love Grow

Advent is the season of the seed. The seed He said, “is the Word of God sown in the human heart.” It is also the seed of life brought forth from God through Mary, in the form of Jesus the Christ.  Mary brought forth the savior of the world through the seed of LOVE, her fiat—through the mother comes the King.

It is interesting that today’s gospel reading mentions four women, four mothers, that brought forth life to continue the lineage of God’s divine love. This is a very important realization because at the time women were very rarely named when proving the lineage of prophets.  These four women show that there is a new place for women under the New Covenant, as bearers of love and light.

Advent is the season of divine love growing within, not because of what you can do, or what you can give, but simply by saying yes to this seed of new life.  Advent is a time of growth—we must believe that He is growing in our lives. Allow time to spend in quiet contemplation and prayer to remember the presence of Christ within.  He is here… He is in our families, He is in our friends, He resides within us and surrounds us all throughout our lives. We must simply remember to recognize Him. As we go about our day encountering challenges or feelings of uselessness, may we remind ourselves to trust that maybe, just maybe, this is all a part of God’s plan. Our work allows for Christ to work through us, our words may let Christ speak through us, and our compassion may bring Christ’s compassion back to the world.

It is not by chance that just recently an amazing discovery was made in the Christian world. The first altar that Christ ever preached from was unearthed along the coast of the Sea of Galilee. In the center of this stone altar was emblazoned a very new symbol for that time—it was the Seed of Life. Circle upon circle, this symbol represents the significance of women in the New Covenant. May love grow and may God be fully alive within each one of us during this Advent.  Blessings and Love, Amy


Love so Bright the Whole World Can See

Love so Bright the Whole World Can See


Dear friends,

Christ loves us so much and He longs for a personal relationship with each one of us. All He asks is for our love in return. He is not interested in how many tasks we complete in a day, but rather how we loved today. I imagine Him standing beside us, reaching out His hand and asking us to walk this life with Him as our guide. I love the verse, “knock and the door will be open.” I imagine knocking on doors of heaven and being flooded with renewing love as they open.

During Advent, let’s open the door to our hearts so wide that God’s love comes bursting through. You are His light in the world because He lives within you.

Let’s pray together: Heavenly Father, Blessed Mother and all the angels and saints in heaven; we come before you now and ask you to hold our hands as we walk together in this season of Advent towards the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Lord, we thank you for the longing in our hearts to encounter Jesus in a new way this Advent season, and we ask that His love awakens within us. May the celebration of His birth be a new birth within us, and may the spark in our hearts ignite into a flame for Christ—a flame of love so bright the whole world can see. Change me Lord, renew me Lord, make me an instrument of your LOVE today and always.  AMEN

“Virgin Mary birthed Him into the world the first time and will make him burst out everywhere the second.”  St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort

Together in prayer,


Expressing The Divine

Expressing The Divine

RSVP BELOW TO RESERVE YOUR SPOTExpressing the Divine - With Nia Peeples, Drew Brophy and Amy D'Ambra

Join Founder and CEO of My Saint My Hero, Amy D’Ambra, as she hosts actor, author Nia Peeples and legendary surf artist, Drew Brophy for a magical afternoon of Expressing the Divine.

Spend the afternoon in the beauty of the Terranea Resort, sipping free champagne and perusing their latest works of inspiration: Nia’s precious children’s book, Drew’s Sacred Surfboards, and Amy’s newest Wearable Blessings.™

Journey with them as they share the stories that brought them here.

Join in on the conversation as Amy, Drew and Nia discuss Expressing the Divine.

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Wake Up and Pray!

Wake Up and Pray!

Introducing Wake Up and Pray Meditation Bracelets

Wake Up and Pray Mediation Bracelet

Morning Meditation

Use these 10 gemstones and Benedictine Cross to guide you during your meditation. Run your finger along each gem and begin a conversation with God.

Offer God: Your day. Your prayer. Your works. Your joy. Your suffering.

Ask God for His: Love, Wisdom, Peace, Protection, Hope.

Pause at the Benedictine Cross and breathe in His love as He receives your gifts. Feel His embrace as He promises to remain with you always.

New My Saint My Hero Wake Up and Pray Meditation Gemstone Bracelets

Wear this bracelet as a reminder to spend the first few minutes of your day with God. As you create this daily practice, your heart opens to the abundance of love, gratitude and compassion.

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