In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked some of our favorite bloggers and influencers from the My Saint My Hero community to share their thoughts on faith, motherhood, and the feminine genius.

Before I knew anything in this world, I knew a mother’s love. A self-sacrificing, unceasing, and incomprehensible love that overwhelms my soul and frees me from every fear. A love that wakes up earlier than everyone else to make me a lunch and a coffee before school and holds me all night while I cry and makes me laugh uncontrollably and places me before the Eucharist when my anxiety is so bad I can’t think straight. Most importantly, a love that taught me self-love through the eyes of the King and inspires me every day to live out the most beautiful aspects of my femininity.

I am so blessed to have a mother who lives out her faith in such a raw and authentic way and it has inspired me so much in my own faith.

She has shown me the freedom that comes from fully trusting in God’s will and how to speak boldly in a way that glorifies God. She has taught me to live humbly and serve others and she has done all of this with very few words and a lot of action.

In the way that she does so much for our family without expecting any praise or thanks. In the way that she fearlessly leads a faith-based company. In the way that she places the lives of her whole family in the hands of Momma Mary and this is a result of the example her own mother played in her life.

Celebrating Mothers - Lizzy

My mom has always told me of the profound and humble faith of my grandmother. A woman who prays the rosary every day and goes to daily mass but never forced the faith onto her children. She taught her children to live a Christian life by continually trusting in the Father’s will, even when she lost those she loved the most, and by loving those she met unconditionally. The cheesy Sunday morning church song, “They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Love,” becomes a reality when you look at the life of Eleanor Kendrick. Her trust in Him is so profound that she is actually excited to pass away so that she may live fully in His presence; now, that is not something you hear every day.

My mom and my grandma are the types of women who exemplify the perfect woman, Mary. They are the perfect combination of tenderness and power and one day I hope to be the same example for my daughters.

Mommy and Grandma, I love you so much and I owe my whole self to how you raised me and the prayers you prayed for me.

In Him through her, Lizzy

Lizzy Rich is a university student and blogger and daughter of MSMH Co-Founder/CEO Christine Rich. You can follow Lizzy on her blog, Just A Handmaiden Living Out Her Yes and Instagram

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