My Favorite

Honestly my favorite gift for everyone is the Benedictine Blessing Bracelet because, like we hear over and over, “there’s just something about this bracelet” that makes people feel different, and they never want to take it off. I have no doubt that it is the prayers said by the women weaving these bracelets in Medjugorje along with all of our daily prayers at My Saint My Hero. Prayer is powerful and even though we can’t see what our prayers are doing, there is something about wearing a tangible reminder on your wrist that allows you to live in the belief that there is something more that we cannot see with our eyes but we can feel deep in our hearts. 

Christmas Blessings


Something for Everyone

Joe and Christine. Photo credit: Lizzy Rich @justahandmaiden

I love that we have so many versions of this bracelet to fit everyone’s style and it allows us to be able to share a blessing with everyone in our lives. My husband loves wearing the Blessings for Him, but all his friends prefer the One Blessing bracelet. I love giving the Blessing Bracelets with both the Gold & Silver medals…. and a new favorite gift for a special occasion is the Stellar Blessing Bracelet (I love EVERY color combination of medals and crystals that we offer-see below). Also, they are perfect for all ages, from a teenager to an aunt or grandma!

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Everyone Needs a Blessing….

Everyone needs a reminder that they are not alone and that someone is praying for them…  Everyone deserves to know that they are loved… and that’s exactly why there is no greater gift than the The Gift of a Blessing! TM


Benedictine Blessing Bracelets