It wasn’t long ago when I questioned why we needed to sit with a priest in a box to ask God for forgiveness. “Why can’t I just go to the beach and take a walk? Or connect with Jesus in prayer and start listing my faults and simply ask Him myself? That is good too, right? And truthfully, when I sit with a priest am I really going to tell him everything? What if he judges me? He is just a man that wears a collar.”

Then I went on a pilgrimage where I had my first “General Confession” and holy moly – two hours later I left in a confession coma…

I woke up feeling washed clean. It was a mystical awakening. I truly went through my entire life up to that point walking into ever dark corner of my soul. Guilt, anger, judgement, greed, and all my actions out of those emotions seemed to come to the surface until I said them out loud and asked to be washed clean. As I was forgiven, I forgave myself.

Confession is therefore the practice of acceptance. The practice of accepting God’s love through it all. Through my shame, my faults, my weaknesses – I had to learn to accept and truly believe in God’s immense love for me. He sees both you and I without blemish, without flaw… Perfect and beautiful in His eyes – “You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you” (Song of Songs 4:7).

And that guy in a white collar is not just any guy, he is a priest. He is the body of Christ here on earth. When Jesus left this earth, He gave us all the Holy Spirit inside of us. He then instituted the priesthood so that His mystical Presence might flow through the priest in the Holy Sacraments, such as in Confession. It is one of those mystical times when Jesus reveals Himself to love and forgive you.

Confession is a game changer. I pray that you are inspired to practice that sacrament today. Go, give it a try. Open your heart and share your story with us! I hold you in my prayers… Please pray for me!

With love,

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