During a special Father’s Day Giveaway on Instagram, we asked followers to share a photo and why their father is their hero. The stories and photos touched us deeply. Here are two that we are so honored to share.

IMG_6197My dad is my hero because he dedicated his whole life to being a great dad. He did not define himself by his career, but his true occupation: being a father. He was a fantastic role model of the parent I am learning how to be with my 9 month old. I am so blessed to have had him in my life, even if for a short while!  – Christina #mydadmyhero




I can’t imagine life without my grandfather. He is my hero for so many reasons he wasn’t only just my grandpa but he also is my father figure. He is truly an example of a Man of God. He’s loving, kind, patient, hardworking, just an amazing human being. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that when God decided to take my father he knew he was going to leave me in great hands. He has led me to know how a man should love, treat, and care for a woman.

Every time I hang out with my grandpa there is never a dull moment. The picture I am sending you guys was taken a few months ago and it’s definitely one of my current favorites. It truly describes us because all we do is laugh. This picture in particular, I was showing him how to take a selfie on his new smartphone and post it on Facebook. He’s trying to be hip even at 76. As you can tell we were cracking up the entire time!

I have so many more stories about him that I wish I could share. But I won’t do that to you all lol! My Abuelito is simply my hero because he showed me true love, that ultimately led me to give my life to God. There will never be enough thank you’s and I love you’s for that. His love is unconditional, his work ethic is amazing, and best of all his faithfulness is unshakable.

Even at 76 he still has a list of clientele where he does landscaping on people’s yards and he always says, “The biggest blessing in life is the ability to work. When you can still work you’re healthy. It’s God’s way of giving you another opportunity to get up, go, and be your best.” – Crystal #MyGrandpaMYHero

Have a very happy and a very blessed Father’s (and Grandfather’s, Step-Father’s, Father-In-Law’s, Uncle’s!) Day from our family to yours!



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