A Flower: Resilient and Radiant

Gratitude is like a rare beautiful flower that can flourish in a lush garden of plenty as well as in the parched desert of suffering. It is as resilient as it is radiant. Just as a single flame can banish darkness, a single act of gratitude can light up our souls and the hearts of those around us. And just as a field of wildflowers, there can never be too much of it. It is so good for our souls. It keeps us humble, joyful, and fills us with hope.


Gratitude is something we treasure and consciously work to achieve everyday here at My Saint My Hero. We have experienced the power of this simple virtue and want to share its light with everyone. What are you grateful for today? Who are you grateful for? An educator who has patiently bestowed you with the gift of knowledge? A soulmate who has freely gifted you his or her entire heart? A family member who you love but to whom sometimes you are remiss in expressing that love? Or perhaps that team member who always has a smile and a word of encouragement despite what he or she may be going through?

Feeling gratitude is only the first step, just as watering a seed. Acting on it is the second step. Just as a flower needs both water and sunlight to blossom, so does gratitude. How do you express your gratitude? A hug? A thank you note? Spending quality time with that person? With a gift?

Gift Gratitude

Our Gratitude Bracelet is a simple but exquisite way to say thank you. Not only is it a beautiful gift but one that comes with the promise of prayers (the greatest gift) and it is a physical reminder they can wear every day.

Let us never tire of thanking those around us. Gratitude begets gratitude and joy and this world can use a little more of that, don’t you agree?

Through the oceans and tides of emotions, and moments in our lives that sometimes seems to turns us upside down and then right back on our feet again… through it all, the steadfast tool that grounds us and helps to return to a place of love is the virtue of gratitude. It helps us to take a moment to think outside of ourselves and pour love into and unto another. The moment we look beyond our limited perspective and jump into the river of forgiveness our hearts open to see the flip side. On the flip side of disunity is unifying love which we very often can only reach by walking through the open door of gratitude. The bridge of separation is forgiveness and what moves us to reach across and connect is the virtue of gratitude. Today I am grateful for you because you matter to me. I see you and thank you for seeing me. Today I ask for forgiveness…I love you.  – Amy D’Ambra