A beautiful testimonial from Danielle, Owner of Aw Else Boutique in Greensburgh, PA…

These are a few ways I have worn MSMH. When customers come into the shop they have either someone in their family at the hospital or maybe the customers themselves have a story.  Usually they are looking for something to be a reminder (of hope).  These are the greatest gifts.

My mom said the other day, we need a prayer list taped to the back of our office door.  There are many who need our help.  At times we say to God, “why haven’t you done anything? You have the power to do all things.”  Then we are reminded by our customers how he did do something – He created us.  He gave us the biggest hearts to let customers know they are not alone and very much loved.  He let us experience great pains and deep sorrows so we may share our testimonies.  Our customers come for heart-filled healings.

Thank you,

Danielle S.

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