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This past Sunday, FOX hosted a live reenactment of The Passion.

“If your Love is my Love, and my Love is your Love, it would take an eternity to break us, and the chains of this world couldn’t hold us.”

Throughout the reenactment, an illuminated 20-ft cross is carried by a crowd through the streets of New Orleans. Media walk with the procession asking the people what the cross symbolizes. Several participants said that the cross was a symbol of hope, curiosity, triumph, and faith, especially for the people of New Orleans who are still recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

This reenactment brought the story of our Lord to present times. In preparation for the Last Supper, Jesus got the five loaves and two fish from a food truck. Jesus tells Peter about building the church by singing “Home.” The lyrics echo how this will be his new home, all because Christ will make it his home. The Last Supper takes place in a park with every detail: Actors are from all walks of life and come together to drink of Christ’s blood shared in a plastic cup.

The Passion did a beautiful job of truly telling the story of the Resurrection in a way we can embrace. As we reflect on Christ’s Resurrection, take time today to check it out. You can find it HERE, and the soundtrack on iTunes, comment below and let me know what you think about this reenactment!

“With arms wide open, I will show you everything” 



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