We arrive at this week made holy forever by the surrendering love of Jesus for all of mankind.  In the busyness of this week give yourself time to stop and reflect on the events that occurred with Jesus during this week – From his humble yet magnificent entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to standing together at the foot of the cross.  This week is a triumphant culmination of His great love that by His death served to free us from sin and save us!

We are never alone on our walk in life and in this final week of preparation we can let our experiences, our struggles and joys be touched by healing grace – we can remind ourselves of His great mercy.  Take the time to think about how we treat those around us….are we giving loving compassion and forgiveness to others?

In this Holy Week the Lord Jesus will renew the greatest gift we could possibly imagine: he will give us his life, his body and his blood, his love.  Pope Francis

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