Today we are remembering back to July 22, 2016, the first official feast day of St. Mary Magdalene in the church, and the first day that Nia Peeples walked through the doors of My Saint My Hero. We had been introduced to each other through a mutual friend, and because Nia loved our story and our Wearable Blessings she was drawn to walk up our stairs in San Pedro, California, to meet us. We shared stories of our blessings, talked about where and how our bracelets are hand-woven, and our mutual desire to empower women through meaningful work… and then we started talking about MAGDALA…

I had just visited Magdala on the Sea of Galilee in May of that year and I was bubbling over with inspiration and new insight. We shared the biblical stories of Mary Magdalene and then we began sharing what had been newly discovered through excavations on the Sea of Galilee where it is believed that Mary Magdalene lived. We shared more about how these excavations are awakening the true divinity within each person, and the more specifically, the Dignity of Women. Nia began to tear up as she shared her year long journey inward to rediscover and fall in love with NIA. She was on a journey of awakening her divine spark within. She noticed a piece of jewelry that I was wearing that I told her was a prototype of a new piece we were working on; a piece that would share the story of this beautiful symbol that was newly discovered on an altar in the town of Magdala where Mary Magdalene lived and Jesus preached. Nia continued to share with us, almost in disbelief, that just a few months earlier she was inspired to have an image tattooed on her back. She turned around and Christine and I gasped… it was the Flower of Life, and in the center was the Seed of Life… the EXACT symbol from that Magdala altar!

We held on to our knowing that something great was being uncovered and we were here together to share it with the world through love, through stories, through visual media and through wearable blessings. This is how our Magdala journey began. We invite you to join in the journey and become part of the discovery and the awakening! – Amy and Christine

How My Visit to the Home of Mary Magdalene Changed My Life Forever, and How It Can Change Yours

Hi this is Nia Peeples, after 30 years of whirling about in the film, television and music industries, I took a year off to just stop the madness and begin listening for my inner voice. So for the past year, I have been on an amazing life journey that culminated last October in Magdala Israel, where I had one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had, so profound that it altered the course of my life forever. More perfectly stated, it righted the course of my life because I discovered my purpose, my True Design: my Feminine Genius. There’s so much to share that I decided to do a few short but powerful blog posts that I know will absolutely inspire you. So let me begin with Part I…

Altar at Magdala, Israel

The Altar at Magdala

Buried along the Sea of Galilee for centuries, was an ancient symbol recently discovered during the excavation of one of the oldest synagogues in the world, in the town of Magdala, Israel, the home of St Mary Magdalene.

Encoded in this sacred symbol is the blue print of God, which calls into perfect harmony the divine feminine with the masculine, the perfect proportions from which everything springs forth and with it, the power to AWAKEN the beautiful truth of who you are… your Feminine Genius.

How befitting it is that this ancient and sacred symbol of God’s divine spark should lie dormant in the very town where she lived and learned, until a Catholic priest, would uncover it in an ancient Jewish Synagogue while digging to lay the foundation for a center honoring the dignity of women.

Contained within the story of the discovery itself is evidence of a truth that will no longer be bridled…

Nia at the Sea of Galilee

Nia at the Sea of Galilee

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