Happy New Year, wow, it’s already the Second Week in Ordinary Time and with the blink of an eye January is almost over. The retail world has already moved onto Valentine’s Day, but dang it, the Three Kings just got to baby Jesus. Can we just slow down and enjoy the birth of Christ? Can we stop and thank Mary? I mean, she did carry this baby in her tummy for several months, and before she knew it she had to watch Him die on the cross for us. In reality it was 33 years, but liturgically in 6 weeks we begin to prepare for Easter.

My Saint My Hero at SEEK 2017

My Saint My Hero at SEEK 2017

My year has started off with very little time to sit and reflect, but sometimes working for God means you have to serve while others are resting. Hopefully with this new year I will be able to find more time to find a balance. I hope each of you can, too. Before we look at the readings for this Sunday, I thought I should share some pictures from what I have been up to. As I have mentioned before, I have the opportunity to travel to so many conferences, share the My Saint My Hero mission, and meet so many of you. Well 2017 has started with its first adventure and God willing 20 more! January 2nd a few team members and I hopped on a plane to San Antonio, Texas to hang out with more than 13,000 young adults at the SEEK conference hosted by FOCUS. The team and I set up the booth, slept very little, and shared our mission. It was worth every minute of it! While we were there we were able to attend a talk by Dr. Edward Sri as well as Fr. Michael Gaitley.

 Fr. Michael Gaitley

Fr. Michael Gaitley author of 33 Days to Morning Glory

There were so many amazing speakers, it was like living in Catholic nerd heaven. I highly suggest checking it out next year. Time and time again, I am in awe when I walk into a room of thousands of young adults on their knees during Adoration. I was able to snap a picture at the end of Adoration, as we followed in a procession behind the Blessed Sacrament as it was taken to the chapel for the rest of the conference.

Everyone sang as if they were still in the arena and He was still on the altar, it was simply magical.

I was reading the readings for this Sunday and I found it so perfectly placed. At SEEK I was reminded of what is being portrayed in the first reading. All you need to do is give God a small “yes.” It doesn’t need to be Huge, it doesn’t need to be a “yes” to something that is going to change the world. He is just looking for your “YES.” Once you give Him your simple “yes,” He will do AMAZING things. At the conference there were 13,000 young adults who when they said “yes,” had no idea what God would do. They just knew to say “yes,” which is great because He knows exactly what He is doing with each one of us. This week, take time to look back and see what He has done with a “yes” that you have given Him.

Look at what He is working on, and appreciate each one of those things. It can be very easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget all the good.

This week I challenge you to stay grounded in the good, to offer up the lack of trust, and to say “yes” to one more thing He is asking of you. It may not be something you think you’re good at but just say “yes” and He will do the rest!!

Fearlessly, Teresa