My family and I recently visited Israel for a dear friend’s wedding. We had a few days free to discover the majestic place called Jerusalem and The Sea of Galilee. There was so much wonder, so much Beauty, Truth, and Goodness – We are blessed!

Magdala-1While at the Magdala Center at The Sea of Galilee we sat in this underground chapel, walked barefoot on stones that Jesus Christ walked, knelt down and wept. As we looked up, we saw this newly added painting depicting this stor
y as told in the Gospel of Luke:

There was a woman who was an outcast, declared unclean because she hemorrhaged for 12 years and had no healing in sight – until the day Jesus walked through her community. She KNEW that if she could just seek Him, lean in and touch a speck of His hem, she would be healed. As He walked through the crowds she pushed through, stretched out her arm, and there it was. Her hand touched the hem of His robe! He stopped instantly and asked, “Who touched me?” His disciples almost laughed out loud saying, “Jesus we are walking through pushing crowds many people are touching up against you.” Jesus insisted, “Someone has touched me; for I know that power has gone out from me.” The woman trembled as she approached her Savior but He looked at her and called her beloved, He called her daughter…

“Beloved Daughter your faith has healed you; go in peace.”
May we all have this passionate faith. May we lean in, touch His hem and allow His power, His love and His grace to flow into us and heal us! Go in peace. AMEN.



Continued Prayers from Italy,



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