In this past Sunday’s Gospel Luke tells the story of the sinful woman who shows God great love. She washes his feet with her tears and dries his feet with her hair. This gospel is very much in line with the works and desires of Pope Francis. He is trying to create a merciful and loving church here on earth. Christ forgives this woman of all of her sin because she shows him great love. The mercy of the Father is continual, never ending, and he wants each and every one of us to reflect his love and forgiveness in our lives. A few months back I talked about how this year I felt the calling to visit the Holy Doors of Mercy, to let go of past hurts and pains, and that my heart desired to walk in the wake of Christ’s mercy. Well, I hadn’t made it to a Holy Door until two weeks ago, on the feast of the Sacred Heart.

I had no plans to stop at the Holy Door that day. It was all a grace that was guided by a higher power, which was truly a great reminder that I am not the one in control – He is.

I have had a whole “Holy Door pilgrimage” planned out in google maps, with the times that the doors are open and all those details.

Two Fridays ago I was on my way to see Uncle Jessie in The Little Mermaid at the Hollywood ‘fish’ Bowl.  On the way there Google Maps was trying to reroute us around the traffic, and I was getting quite annoyed. I felt like the detours were making it take forever; I don’t like driving in circles and that’s exactly what was happening. As St. Pope John Paul II came up in conversation, I happen to look over and see an image of him on a sign. I have a great devotion to JP2 and read the sign really fast and realized it was the shrine to the Divine Mercy. I looked over at my boyfriend who was driving and convinced him to pull over… thank goodness it didn’t take more than “PLEASE PLEASE, WE HAVE TO GOOOO!” At this point what is one more detour?

So here we go… We park and walk in and BAM there is a Holy Door and just past the door was the blessed sacrament, waiting to be adored. I stopped, took in the moment and just giggled. At this moment, as I was switching my phone to silent, I got a text in our office group message saying: “Ok prayer warriors, it’s time to rally. The day has been long and there is one more hour of air time. All we ask is for the Holy Spirit to continue to breathe Its life onto the set, to fill Amy with the words God wants to be shared, the grace and energy to finish the day strong.” I responded with this picture…


Then I walked down the aisle to the blessed sacrament and laid that prayer on the altar before our Father. Because He orchestrated so much more, I knew I could place my trust in Him to complete the day with grace and love just as His heart desired.

I then had to have a conversation with God (internally of course, and it was quite quick) because he had been orchestrating some crazy things. It was June 3rd and God had already made quite clear He had big work planned for My Saint My Hero that day. We were on QVC as the Today’s Special Value (which means Amy was on air for a total of 7 of the 24 hours). We also launched a new piece on QVC,  the Greatest Love Deuteronomy Bangle.  On the inside of the bangle are the words “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and strength” the greatest commandment that was shared in the daily readings the day before our TSV. On the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Christ graced MSMH with the privilege of being the face of mercy for over 100k viewers on QVC.

Overall this is all a constant reminder that we can always go back to the cross because the mercy is never ending all we have to do is seek the forgiveness.

I challenge you this week to find a Holy Door of Mercy, to go through it, go to confession and ask our loving and good good Father to forgive you, to hold you in His love and mercy.


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