Amy at QVC - December 2015

Amy at QVC – December 2015

Let me introduce our founder, and Co-Owner Amy.  Many of you have probably seen Amy on QVC this past year. Not only is Amy a successful business owner, but also a mother, wife, and athlete… say what?… haha you heard me right! She is also a California native, and a UCLA grad (which allows for fun banter in the office). But I will let Amy tell you for herself…
What is one of your favorite things to do when you are not in the office or with your family?  I love being outdoors and diving into God’s amazing gift of nature. I train for triathlons, and  I love each element; swim, bike and run. My greatest moment is putting on my cap and goggles and diving under the first wave in the Pacific Ocean, breathing and getting into the rhythm of the waves and of my stroke- my swim turns into a prayer. As I run up the sand I begin to think about the speed I can get out there on the road, I love my bike portion because it is fast, it is a bit scary and it is a risk. Then the run, that is my time to have my feet on the ground and pound out any remaining areas of discontent. I just recently finished my first Olympic Length Triathlon 3 weeks ago and I still have the smile on my face!
Who is your favorite Saint and why? I love the saints and their amazing way of truly walking in union on this earth, embodying Christ and allowing miracles to flow. It’s hard for me to choose just one, however if I must, it is St. Teresa of Avila. St. Teresa loved to meditate on the love of Christ, she was contemplative yet action oriented. She allowed her heart to be inflamed with Christ and fell to her knees as she cried out to the Holy Spirit to come upon her and be fully alive within her. Christ lived within her and she became His feet, His words, and His actions here on Earth. She is my Hero!

What is your Favorite MSMH Piece? The BREATHE bracelet…. One Simple medal, One Simple String to remember that God alone is enough. Breathe to dispel chaos and bring me back to my spiritual roots.

Amy D'Ambra- after her Olympic Triathlon

Amy- after her Olympic Triathlon

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why? Ischia- it is my home, my family, my renewal and my refuge. This is the very place that I first felt the power of prayer personally and the renewal of LOVE!  Ischia is where I was kneeling in prayer with St. Giovanni Guiseppi when I heard the call to start My Saint My Hero. This is the place that both my mother and father in law were born and the D’Ambra family flourished. Ischia is the Island of Healing Waters… and the place where my life was enriched.

Have a blessed rest of your week, talk to you all on Friday!


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