God shows up in my life every single day, every minute, every second.

I’m actually a survivor of the Route 91 mass shooting that happened in Las Vegas. It was the largest mass shooting in modern-day American history, and that day, I went to celebrate my birthday in Las Vegas. It was really the unthinkable. In fact, when the shooting happened, no one even realized it was a shooting because it was just the unthinkable. Of course, I had my My Saint My Hero bracelets on me because I wear them every single day. I never take them off. Immediately, when the shooting began and I realized it was gunshots, not fireworks or part of the show, everyone ran. I immediately was separated from my friends. I was separated from them for about eight full hours before I was able to connect with them, see them, hug them, cry with them and pray with them. When I was able to reconnect with my friend Danielle, we looked down and noticed that we both had My Saint My Hero bracelets on.



I am the founder and editor-in-chief of Style and Society Magazine. I am also the host and co-executive producer of a show on ONX called “The Stylist.” And how I’m changing the world? I’m a world changer because through my platform, the online magazine, I’m able to write content I’m super passionate about. So it’s passion, it’s entertainment, it’s lifestyle, it’s travel, it’s food. I really want to be an inspiration to others. I want others, especially women, to feel empowered through the work that I do.