“Receive the Holy Spirit. Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained.”


Happy Sunday! The Easter season has just begun! But since it is Divine Mercy Sunday, I want to know how you are enjoying this Jubilee year of Mercy? Have you been able to participate in any of the corporal acts of Mercy, or walk through a door of Mercy? Please feel free to share in the comments below how you have been participating in this year of Mercy.

Just over a week ago we celebrated Christ giving his life for us on a cross. His death was brutal, the Romans were not kind or merciful when it came to the torture they made him endure. Yet, Christ is still willing to forgive each of us for our sins over, and over, and over again. If you are not sure or do not believe that God loves each and everyone of us the same, even if after we commit one sin after another, then I challenge you to take some time and meditate on the resurrection. Aside from Christ’s mercy, I think the mercy of his Mother, Mary is also worth some meditation in this year of Mercy. Mary was present, she knew that her son was going to bear the pain for each and everyone of our sins but aside from knowing, she had to watch him hang on the cross after carrying it, being lashed and so much more. After bringing him to life and watching his painful death she was still an amazing servant to the church, and each one of us.

In the past I have talked about Fr. Michael E. Gaitley’s ‘do it yourself’ retreat, 33 days to Morning Glory, but I wanted to take time to introduce his newest ‘do it yourself’ retreat, 33 Days to Merciful Love. I have not had the chance to sit down and start it, but I do plan to bring it into my prayer life this spring. If you have, share below. 

Aside from challenging you to meditate on the Mercy of Christ and Mary, I wanted to share the challenge that Life Teen suggests for this week in Ascend. Pray the following prayer after the consecration: “My Lord and my God, I believe, please help my unbelief! Amen.”


Have Mercy



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