…her name is Benita, she is 7 years old and will be forever in my heart and in my prayers.

I wish words were enough to express with all of you how beautiful and powerful the Prayer Partner program was on our mission trip to Rwanda last week. When we partnered with All Day Fore Africa and planned to share in the Prayer Partner program, we had no idea how big God’s plan were for it. We couldn’t help but be reminded, “You can’t out-give God!” The power of prayer became more real than any of us had ever felt before.

We learned so much about these children and we now know that they need our prayers for their studies, their futures, for their families and so many other requests.  But one common thread to each interview was the look of awe and joy on the child’s face when they saw their Prayer Partner’s photo and it was explained to them that this person from the United States was praying for THEM. It was almost as if they were seeing their prayers being answers right before their eyes.

My Saint My Hero is honored and humbled to be part of this work. It is our hope that it can extend to more parts of the world through many, many works of charity.

Thank you all for being part of this mission with us…

We continue to Trust and Be Inspired!

Sent with a prayer,


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