My Saint My Hero Co-Owner, Amy D’Ambra, set out to train for a local triathlon and this last weekend accomplished her goal of swimming, biking and running to complete her first triathlon.  In her determined athletic preparation she compares her steady prayer life guided by the rosary.  She shares her dynamic experience and tells us….

One step at a time – – now high knees over the waves until deep enough to dolphin under each wave, grab hold of the sand, pull forward and pop up do it again until deep enough to start your swim… here we go… heart is racing… oh no, what is happening, I have trained for this race, swimming in the ocean for months and now I can’t even catch my breath let alone focus on smooth and easy strokes! This is it, I think my Rosary training is more essential at this very moment than my race training! Calm down, breath, one bead at a time… “Our Father who art in Heaven…”.  My regular breathing somehow comes back to me and I am still moving forward, at my pace, not race pace. I tell myself “it’s ok” just one bead at a time…Surprised by my ability to move quickly through the crowds, the “transition” to my bike is up ahead. Off with the cap and googles, on with my running shoes, don’t forget my helmet ok now go. This is the part I feared the most and once again I am surprised at how fun it is! The wind in my face, riding on smooth roads with no cars, no lights and no stop signs to worry about, just streets lined with fans cheering us on.  I ride my bike into the next transition and as I jump off the bike I feel the weight of my legs… I don’t know if I can do the run… and then I hear “you’ve got it mom”! Ellie [Amy’s daughter] is waiting there to run me through the last leg of the race. I need her help, I need her inspiration and more importantly in this moment I need her step by step guidance.  Ellie calls out quips of encouragement, “..come on mom pick up your feet let’s go”…. We take off running. Ellie reminds me that every step matters, be mindful, make it count, one step at a time and I hear… One bead at a time…

We run past the finish line, pushing all the way through… I made it and it feels great!!!! Was it the training in the ocean, on the bike and on the pavement… or was it the training on the beads, breathing through each new emotion and being guided so gently through the finish line to exhilaration… I think a big YES. THANK YOU for the practice… Run to Win….

Thank you Amy for your example of dedication…and showing us the results of commitment not only to an athletic goal but the example of dedicating ourselves to prayer – guiding us to a higher kingdom calling…the ultimate glorious destination!


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