Meet the World Changer – Kinya Claiborne

God shows up in my life every single day, every minute, every second. I'm actually a survivor of the Route 91 mass shooting that happened in Las Vegas. It was the largest mass shooting in modern-day American history, and that day, I went to celebrate my birthday in...

Meet the World Changer – Jackie Francois Angel

How Are You Changing the World? When I was younger, I knew I was made for something “more,” something “larger than life,” something great. I wanted to change the world and thought that would be brought about by fame and riches, particularly as an actress. I had been...

Surrounded By Courage We Stand Together #FreeOurFamilies

Surrounded by courage we stand together. A percentage of proceeds from all St. Joan of Arc pieces sold from now until August 31st will be donated to RAICES #FREEOURFAMILIES FAMILY REUNIFICATION BOND FUND....

New For Summer – Heavenly Sky Necklace

PETITE OPAL CROSS NECKLACE May the light of the cross be your guide and may love surround you always. Wear this necklace as a reminder to look up to the heavenly sky and feel the wonder of God’s infinite love. UNIQUE JUST LIKE YOU The petite cross is made from genuine...

The Most Powerful Medal – The Benedictine Medal and St. Benedict

WHO IS SAINT BENEDICT? “And let them first pray together, that so they may associate in peace.” –St. Benedict Benedict of Nursia was born into a wealthy family around 480 AD. After studying in Rome, unnerved by the worldly events of the time and watching his fellow...

The Story Behind the St. Amos Love Bracelet

  Many years ago, when I was trying to come up with a name for my production company, without missing a beat my mother said, “Call it St. Amos.” Neither of us knew that there was a real saint by that name—we just thought it sounded cool. Well, not only was St. Amos...

My Saint My Hero Founder Amy D’Ambra’s Travel Must-Haves

Each year our jewelry lines are renewed, colors enhanced, and new designs are created through inspiration, travel, and collaboration. My inspiration is thanks to my love and passion for the sea and its wonders for all of God's divine glory. The Island of Ischia...

Count Your Blessings

New Seven Blessings Bracelet Seven; the number of perfection, of creation, of the day God rested. May this bracelet remind you that each day is filled with God's love, with perfection in all the imperfection, and beauty amidst trials. Take hold of each medal, take a...

Welcome to the blessing rEVOLution

Imagine a world where light is bright, love is deep and kindness is abundant....

True North: Compass Cross Bracelet

Life is a journey. Every day we face twists and turns along the way and we must decide which direction to go. Our compass is the Cross. Jesus is our true north, the singular guide for navigating life.

Christmas Blessings

Christmas is a time to reflect on the true spirit of giving; a time to give what counts. Whether it be through one of our versatile and beautiful Blessing Bracelets (a great gift for everyone), or through another gift, I invite you to be the one to give a blessing this Christmas through your gift and presence.

Share One: Jennifer

Today is #GivingTuesday. The natural response to feeling deep gratitude is to pay it forward. So after a long weekend of celebrating the gifts in our lives, it is beautiful to have a day where we stop to think of others.


The true gift of being a part of the My Saint My Hero family is the opportunity it allows us to bring gratitude, hope and most of all love into the world.

Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Gratitude for me is a supernatural grace that raises my heart and soul above the pain of suffering and loss, to a place of love and peace.

Gifting with Meaning, with Blessing

When it comes to gifting, I find that one of the biggest challenges is finding something meaningful to both you and the receiver…Carol shares how she so beautifully found that perfect Baptism gift that continues to bless both the baby and his parents.

Giving, Gathering, Gratitude

With the start of this beautifully crisp month of November most of us begin thinking about preparing and decorating for the holidays…Do something special this year.

The Saints

The saints lived ordinary lives like you and me but with the passion to live this life on earth in constant union with Christ.

Good Profit Conference 2017

Ultimately, I believe this idea of bringing something of great value to people when they didn’t even know they needed it is exactly how God works in each one of us.

Touched by a Saint

In January 2001, I had the opportunity of greeting Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Square. I knelt before him for a few seconds, grasped his hand, received his blessing. I walked off the platform still in a daze. Had I really been blessed by the Pope?

“Be the One” Reflections: Sarah

My recent conviction of “be the one,” when I think about the one person, the one collection of human beings in the world that needs this love that doesn’t have bounds, conditions or strings attached is young women. I don’t see a more broken group of people.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace

This simple prayer, a kind of “I love you, Mom”, repeated 10 times in a decade, is at the heart of the Rosary. It is a beautiful prayer which praises her as the blessed Mother of God, and then asks for her intercession at the end of lives. It has often been reported that most people call out for their mothers in their last hours; if we faithfully pray this prayer throughout our lives, how can Mother Mary deny our request when that unknown hour comes for us?

Divine Mercy

Today we celebrate St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, a humble Polish nun through whom God imparted His message of Divine Mercy to the world. Mercy. It’s not a word to be used or taken lightly. So what does it really mean? What implication does that have for us?

St. Francis: A Saint from Assisi

Whenever my little ones, ages 3 and 2, spot a statue of a male saint, they almost always excitedly mistake his identity; “Loooooook, it’s Jesus!” I often laugh and correct them, but recently I thought, perhaps in their innocent mistake is hidden a glimmer of truth.

Crossing the Finish Line: My Triathlon Experience

“Be joyful in love, be firm in hope and be constant in effort.” This is where my book flew open when I prayed for guidance one day… After reading it I signed up to compete in the longest Triathlon that I had ever done, the MALIBU International Triathlon on September 16, 2017.

Every Time a Bell Rings…

When was the last time a certain song played over the radio and it was like you were instantaneously transported back to a specific time or place in your life? …The ringing of bells makes us stop and listen, if only for a moment, and it tells us that God is present very near, within ear shot.

MSMH at the Los Angeles Prayer Breakfast

Madi, our newest team member, shares her experience and reflections from the LA Prayer Breakfast that took place at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Downtown Los Angeles, this past Tuesday, September 19, 2017.