St. Benedict

Feast Day: July 11

Occupation: Saint

I imagine this is how each one of us is listed in St. Peter’s large book at the gates of heaven. It doesn’t matter what our occupations are here on earth, God calls us all to be the best version of the person He made us to be… He calls us all to get up each day and try and try again… He calls us all to sainthood.

It is no coincidence that St. Benedict is one of the patron saints of My Saint My Hero. It is not us that chose him; he chose us! He made sure the women of Medjugorje were weaving the bracelets with his image and crest when Amy first went on pilgrimage there. It was also no coincidence that God had timed this while our Pope at that time was the great theologian, Pope Benedict XVI.

St. Benedict laid the groundwork and the inspiration for Ora et Labora (prayer & work) at My Saint My Hero. Prayer is a simple conversation (in relationship) with God. There are good practices & habits in prayer, but there is no right or wrong way to pray, for it’s as unique as the person that is practicing it. The important thing is to actually pray. Benedict taught us to make all we do an act of prayer. He also made it one of his rules that his brother’s prayed in community EVERY day to maintain brotherhood and peace.

We invite you to take an experiment in prayer: at home, in your car and in your work. Start with just one simple prayer together every day in your home as a family and say one simple prayer before you start each day at work. Remember to also experiment in praying for those that you are sharing our wearable blessings with. Take a leap of faith and let us know what changes you notice.

Christine and Amy

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