The Garden - First Sunday of Lent

The Garden. In the word, we see the Garden is the meeting place of God, where Adam and Eve walked with God without fear or shame, in pure intimacy with Him. It’s where Jesus knelt as the soldiers came and the deepest of darkness fell upon Him, where He chose us, to be our Redeemer, where heaven meets us. It’s where Mary Magdalene stood, weeping after she couldn’t find Jesus in the tomb when she heard the Gardener say her name.

God is always up to something new, He is always doing a new thing. As you lie in the garden covered in dirt, surrounded by the ivy and wildflowers and oaks of righteousness, listen for His voice. Hear Him call you back into existence, let His voice thaw out your frozenness, to reawaken your numbness. Let Him bring life to your body, your soul again. Listen to Him call your name, hear the voice that breaks the silence, that ignites fireworks in our chest, that makes our heart stutter. Come back into the Garden.

– Madi Myers Cook/Photographer, Storyteller, Missionary

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