A few months ago I called my sister who knows the celebrity world and I asked her how I should get in touch with some celebrities who are wearing My Saint My Hero and ask them for their story… Their testimony… She immediately responded, “Your company is not the type to pay or request “endorsements” allow it to unfold organically and authentically.” She went on to say, “Wait for the day that someone comes to you with an authentic inspiration to share your story.” That seemed like a far reaching dream yet in that moment Christine and I prayed for the right person to walk through our doors….

Fast forward 5 months and in walks an incredible celebrity… Truly I kid you not… She walked through our humble doors in San Pedro, California with the sincere inspiration to learn more about why her Blessing Bracelet has made her feel different. REALLY!!! YES!!! We hugged, we prayed and we shared together! She is the real deal with a real story about remembering the true light within and learning to Pray and Surrender one’s will to God’s divine will and that the Blessing Bracelets are a tangible tool of that renewal and awakening!!!! WOW! I stand in awe! At this point I know you want to know what celebrity I am talking about and I promise you will know very soon and you will see pictures too!!!! Wait for more miracle stories to come!

Please share with us… #miraclereport

Truth: Dream Big… And Pray Pray Pray! God imparts dreams upon our hearts… Pray with perseverance

“I tell you, all that you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive it and it shall be yours” (Mk 11:24)

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