Our Blessed Mother Mary holding Baby Jesus

Mary’s Fiesta Week

Just this past Tuesday we celebrated the Assumption of Mary, and in just a short few days we will celebrate her Queenship over Heaven and Earth. I like to call this week Mary’s fiesta week! During this fiesta week we celebrate how God honored and rewarded Mary for her singular role in Salvation History, which all started with a simple ‘yes’.

We might be tempted to think that we could say yes to any big thing that God might ask of us in our lives. We wonder when the angel Gabriel will come ask us for something so life changing as he did with Mary, and with the redemption of humanity in the balance, we might think we’d be heroic enough to just say Yes! Fiat! Let it be done to me according to Your will! However it’s important to remember it’s the little yeses of everyday which prepare our hearts to be able to respond when he asks for those big yeses in our lives.

Yes, Yes, Yes…

Throughout her childhood to adolescence, Mary had formed the habit of saying yes to God in her daily life. Whether it was in fetching water from the well for the tenth time that day, or in obediently going to bed, when she preferred to wait up and gaze at the stars of night, or in helping to set the table and wash the dishes, it was in all those small things that she joyfully responded with “yes” that she formed this predisposition in her heart to say yes to God. God who was hidden in her responsibilities, in the person of her parent, and as the voice of her conscience.

Our life may seem dull at times and the “yes” to our responsibilities is sometimes hard to see as a “yes” to God, but those little yeses of everyday are so important. They are our training yeses that do not go to waste. Every joyful yes, whether it be accompanied by tears or a smile, is a gift to God, and He in turn will transform each into graces for our brothers and sisters, thus weaving our yes into a part of Salvation History.

Keep Her Close

True, Mary is our role model, but she is also our Mom. She is eager to show us and guide us in saying yes to God in the little things. She will show us to not dismiss the littlest details, but to see God’s fingerprint there. She will prepare us and train us for the big Yeses God may ask of us in our lives.

The Mother of Christ and of the Church is always with us. She walks with us always, she is with us. And in a way, Mary shares this dual condition. She has of course already entered, once and for all, into heavenly glory. But this does not mean that she is distant or detached from us; rather Mary accompanies us, struggles with us… – Pope Francis⠀

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