A New Team Member!

We had a very exciting start of the week at My Saint My Hero. Not only did we all relish the time off to be with our loved ones on Labor Day, but we also got to welcome a dynamic new team member to the My Saint My Hero family first thing Tuesday morning.

Meet Madi

Madi Myers Cook is a new college graduate who is on fire with her love for Jesus Christ and the mission. She’s crazy talented in many ways, especially behind the camera capturing not only beauty but soul in her photos. She’s a missionary at heart and we are so blessed to have her join our team!

Earlier this week we asked Madi a few questions to get to her know her better. Here are her answers! 

What is your favorite color? 
My favorite color is a deep red wine color.

 What drew you to My Saint My Hero?
I love the mission of My Saint My Hero, that we work to empower women through meaningful work so that they are able to provide for their families, pursue their own dreams, and live a life of purpose.

What is your fondest memory or experience from your summer in Haiti?
I have two favorite memories from this trip to Haiti: I got to photograph a wedding for 6 Haitian couples. One couple had been together for 60 years and had 11 children! They were absolutely beautiful, and neither stopped smiling the whole time. Another favorite moment was getting to listen to story after story of God’s miracles in the lives of this community. I talked to my dear friend Sony, who’s family is amongst the poorest of the poor in the community. Both his parents work at the JPII Center for an organization called Life Teen International. He was one of the first teenagers that the American Life Teen Missionaries developed a relationship with, and as he gradually progressed in school, the Center sponsored him to go to University. He worked so incredibly hard in gratefulness for his opportunity to go to school, and in May, graduated at the top of his class. He was the first person EVER from the town of Miraguane, Haiti to graduate from University. He told me with tears in his eyes that his favorite thing about graduation was “seeing all the white faces in the crowd that were there” for him!

What’s the color of your toothbrush?
Oh gosh, I don’t even know!

What are your top 3 hobbies?
Exploring new towns & coffee shops, camping with my family, and Jesus of course!

What is your current favorite blessing piece from My Saint My Hero?
My favorite piece is the Blessing Bracelet. I don’t ever take it off. It has traveled with me to Rome, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Rwanda, and Haiti, and is quite worn out, but it makes me love it even more!

 Benedictine Blessing Bracelets

Where did you grow up? Where’s home?
I grew up in Orange County, but honestly, my home is wherever my people are. My home is in Haiti, in Medjugorje, in Southern California, in Dallas. I am not very rooted in one place yet.


Share with us about your family. How many siblings do you have?
I am the oldest of 6! My youngest sister is 4, and she is my sassy, adventurous, and wild little mini me.

 Where did you graduate from and with what degree?
I graduated from a Christian school called Baylor University with a degree in Social Entrepreneurship- how to work to alleviate poverty using business from a Christian perspective.

You can follow her journeys and stories on Instagram and on her website. We cannot wait to see what energy and enthusiasm, talent and heart she brings to our team! Welcome Madi!