World Youth Day Krakow 2016Our dream for World Youth Day 2016 was to connect young people in prayer through WYD Connect in Prayer bracelets. The idea being, to wear one bracelet and share one with someone who then becomes your partner in prayer. At My Saint My Hero, we are all wearing the WYD bracelets and are praying every day, convicted that the power of prayer will keep us connected with those traveling to Kraków.

Here are some messages we have received from Poland from pilgrims wearing the WYD Connect in Prayer bracelets:

Diane Snively shared that she left a prayer partner bracelet with her father at home as she left for Poland. They knew he was very ill and were happy to make this promise to be connected in prayer. Her father passed away this past Wednesday while she was in Kraków but promised to continue to pray for her from heaven.

World Youth Day Krakow 2016 -Bob Schrimpf and his Youth Group awaiting Pope Francis arrival in Krákow

Bob Schrimpf and his Youth Group awaiting Pope Francis arrival in Kraków

Bob Schrimpf is a youth minister who took a group of young people from San Diego, CA to World Youth Day. Due to delays and problems in travel, they ended up in a restaurant in Munich as a person ran through yelling, “He’s got a gun.” Through many miracles they survived the terrorist attack and were left with the decision to continue their trip to Kraków or go home.
“Honestly what carried me forward was the fact that we had, within minutes, prayers pouring in from all over. Not hundreds but thousands praying. Nuns in Mexico, youth groups in holy hour, and even the community from My Saint My Hero let us know we were covered! It got us out of our hiding place and guided our steps, knowing legions of angels surrounded our little band of frightened pilgrims. Later we shared, we cried, we prayed: should we continue? We must! These courageous teens would not let fear win, especially when we were traveling to the land of JPII whose voice continues to echo, DO NOT BE AFRAID!” – Bob Schrimpf

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